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Problem finding an affordable health insurance?
With the signing of The Affordable Care Act (Obmacare) into law, the health insurance industry is going through major changes.  New rules, new taxes, new credits and new penalties.  Are you ready for it?  Let us help you maximize your tax credits and avoid any penalties by setting up the most suitable plan for you and your business.


Alicia Su Wu, CFP.
蘇怡薰 註冊理財規劃師

With more than 15 years of insurance and financial industry experience I'm ready to listen and find the most suitable insurance program for you. 

我們將以最親切的服務,最專業的資訊,幫您解決 醫療保險上的各種 疑難雜症。 歡迎您與我們連絡。


Insurance license #:  0C01985

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